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The 'Notice' specifies the requirements for the prevention and disposal of medical-related crimes and crimes during the epidemic prevention and control period.It also proposes 7 categories of medical-related crimes that will be severely cracked down.181 countries, regions and international organizations participated,More than 3800 enterprises participated in the enterprise exhibition,More than 500,000 professional buyers from home and abroad came to the meeting to discuss procurement,On a yearly basis,Cumulative intention turnover of 100 million US dollars ... With the help of the Expo platform,China and other countries will achieve win-win development.People across the country must be ready,Warm acceptance of the heroic people of Hubei and Wuhan.at the same time,As audiences increasingly get news from social media,While people accept the information itself,Often accompanied by comments from social 'friends' when forwarding,Thus affecting their own independent judgment on news.Life is paramount,Safety first,Guarantee the safety and health of the people,It is the basic premise of the people's longing for a better life,It is also a specific requirement for keeping the original heart and fulfilling the mission.As of the 10th,More than 400 employees who meet the conditions for resumption have returned to their posts,Work overtime to participate in the production of protective clothing.In March,We see clearly,The global epidemic prevention situation is not optimistic,The risk of a new pandemic virus global pandemic is increasing.Carry out epidemic prevention by classification,To talk about science,It is also necessary to get rid of thinking inertia and formalism.

A few days of interviews have concluded,The reporter found thatSome Shandong enterprises' 'resuming work' time is much earlier than the 'regulation' time,Not only do some companies have no holidays,Also work overtime to catch up with production; some companies do their best to resume work on time,Because 'the upstream and downstream industries can't wait,The responsibility is serious '; some companies have not yet completed the full line of work,Because the manpower is still insufficient ... has been working at full capacity,Not 'Fu' Gong 'In front of this severe epidemic,More than 100 million people in Shandong have fully demonstrated the overall awareness of the game and the strong feelings of home and country.

The world today is facing a major change that has not been seen in a century,The emerging of emerging market countries and developing countries represented by BRICS countries has become the trend of the times,Promote the transformation of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction.at the same time,SMEs also have to bear rigid expenditures such as rent, wages, and loan interest.Many companies are considering a number of measures from the rescue.This is a courageous answer.such as,After some real cases such as Guo Moupeng who concealed contact history were reported,The public has developed concerns and anger over such irresponsible behavior.China will win,Because of the powerful advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.And how to do it without rumor,Is every photo and every message seen on social media,Are treated with caution,Not easily forwarded without verification.Practice has proved once again,Chinese youth are young people with great ambitions! Chinese youth are young people who have a deep sense of homeland! The battle continues,The young people are still fighting hard.As of the 10th,More than 400 employees who meet the conditions for resumption have returned to their posts,Work overtime to participate in the production of protective clothing.(Huang Jianfeng)Facing the epidemic,The majority of young people turn their patriotism into a trip to serve the country,Fighting against the epidemic.

Some fake news seems to be stating 'facts',But no matter in the way of expression or content selection,Are embedded with a tendency to opinion,It also deliberately stirs up certain emotions.Just fighting for the day and night,Live up to Shaohua.In addition,Out of concern,We always want to do something,With a finger, 'turn to need',I want to outperform the speed of viral infection through the first time information dissemination.Before the epidemic,The more dangerous the more forward, the more difficult the more charge,Regardless of conditions,Without consideration,She Xiaojia's dedication to everyone's role shines everywhere.Party and government officials in Suzhou, Nanjing and other places took off their masks,Also sent a positive signal to the market,Reflects a flexible advocacy.open,Is a distinctive logo of contemporary China,It is also the cornerstone of today's growing global 'friend circle'.From the Montenegrin Railway on the ground in East Africa,Go to the hilly manor to build the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone; from the bustling Central European trainTo the China-Belarus Industrial Park, known as the 'Pearl on the Silk Road Economic Belt',Are 'narrating' the connection between 'China prosperity' and 'world progress',All are sharing the 'China Dividend' released by the pursuit of all-round opening.

It is the responsibility to guard the ground,Build a closed chain for prevention and control.Since the outbreak,A sentence 'I am young,The petition 'I'm going first' is endless,A letter of battle with a handprint on it is on the calendar,Groups of young commandos and volunteers who have heard the news,Practicing responsibility with practical actions.

such as,The BRICS leaders Xiamen meeting proposed the 'BRICS +' cooperation concept,Held a dialogue meeting between emerging market countries and developing countries,This South-South cooperation model beyond the scope of member states,It has greatly enhanced the influence and appeal of the BRICS cooperation mechanism.

Among them are the medical staff who volunteered to hire and frontline charge,There are public security officers who hold their posts and are responsible for the soil,There are railway workers who take part in the day and night and rush to transport materials,The takeaway little brother who has the unstoppable and innovative services ... in the eyes of others they are 'retro heroes',In the minds of their parents, they are still young children.

Really do not believe the rumors, do not spread the rumors,Do not add public opinion to the prevention and control of the epidemic,At the same time, the rumor maker pays a heavy price,It's the correct way to open the door.What is 'home country feelings'? Where is 'home' without 'country'? This is since the outbreak,'Family feelings' rushing on our land like the tide! Countless 'Zhang Dingyu' interpreted 'She Xiaojia,'Gu everyone '.

Your letter of invitation,One red handprint,Touching,Touching.Compared to responsibilities and obligations,Volunteering emphasizes dedication and love.'In the face of the epidemic' big test ',The vast number of young people live up to Shaohua, their mission, and their unremitting efforts,In the fight against the epidemic,Gained care, responsibility, responsibility, courage,Let youth bloom where the party and the people need it most,Shining on the road of fully building a well-off society,Bloom in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream! (Li Ming, Hao Zhonghua)

During the special period of epidemic prevention,Out of the demands of public health security and social stability,It is necessary to solicit information about the epidemic from the public.'some of,The two keywords of 'hurry up' and 'speed up',Said the urgency of not staying with me.Since the outbreak,The first to work on the front line and work hard,It is the majority of medical workers.Considering the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the complexity of reality,This imposes higher requirements on the efficiency of law enforcement by relevant departments,It also tests the fairness and level of law enforcement of relevant departments and units-to crack down hard,At the same time, we must play accurately,To respect the facts,It is also necessary to block and combineDo not simply deal with the occurrence of 'accidental injury'.

because,Every one of your rumors,Are creating fearless panic,Race against rumors,It's like racing against viruses.'Not doing business right',The rapid transfer of protective materials Shandong is also a major textile province,Textile and apparel owner-operated business income accounts for 18% of the province's total economy.The 'Notice' specifies the requirements for the prevention and disposal of medical-related crimes and crimes during the epidemic prevention and control period.It also proposes 7 categories of medical-related crimes that will be severely cracked down.Through a series of combination punches,After the outbreak period and after the outbreak,Only SMEs can safely pass the risk of the epidemic,Stimulate more development vitality,Greeting the splendid spring.There is no exact statistics to tell us,Every spring festival,How many positions in the country need to be on duty,How many people across the country cannot go home for this?After objective and rational analysis, we will find thatLooking at the world,This is not a low growth rate; compared to the past,This is a growth rate that reflects high quality.

Life is precious,The dedication price is higher.The State Council has held several meetings to study and deploy,In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping 鈥檚 important instructions,Give full play to the role of joint defense and joint control mechanism,Strengthen overall planning.'This is undoubtedly the best compliment for those who hold their posts during the festival,It is the best interpretation of dedication.

However, in the past,Some deliberately disrupt the medical order,Even the incident of direct injury to the doctor was occasionally exposed.To some extent,Demonstrating how to remove a mask requires more courage than advocating wearing a mask.March 15,General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a letter to all 'post-90s' party members of Peking University Medical Assistance TeamWe sincerely greet them and the young people struggling on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control.These days,With the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic worldwide,The situation of Chinese students abroad has also received widespread attention.During President Xi Jinping 鈥檚 visit,The leaders of Myanmar will jointly attend the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar and the launching ceremony of China-Myanmar Cultural Tourism Year.Facing a sudden outbreak,1.4 billion Chinese people are holding hands,At this moment, the home is the country, and the country becomes the home.'My general opinion,There is no special case,Don't go to Wuhan.General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and delivered an important speech.Make arrangements for the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks caused by new coronavirus.

And abroad,The epidemic has spread in many countries,In accordance with the feelings of the people and the people, the Chinese peopleDo everything in your power to help countries affected by the epidemic,Practice the concept of building a community of human destiny with our own actual actions.As the professional level of modern volunteer work continues to increase,Non-cash subsidies have long become the mainstream of logistics support for voluntary activities,For example, providing a bus card for volunteer travel,Provide basic collective dormitories,Purchase insurance for volunteers engaged in voluntary services with certain risks.

The relative sense of deprivation does not depend on the actual distribution of social resources,It lies in people's subjective feelings and expectations.This sudden outbreak,Raging wildly,Swept across the country.Forcibly adopt a simple and rough way,Known as the guidance of public opinion,It is likely to create public opinion insteadThere are many lessons in this area,We cannot help but learn.

鍏歍he central government established a leading group to deal with epidemic situation,Work under the leadership of the Politburo Standing Committee,Send a guidance team to Hubei and other regions with severe epidemics,Promote the relevant localities to strengthen the frontline work of prevention and control.Benefit people's livelihood,Press the 'fast forward button' for major investment projects.